Gravel Driveway & Road Grader


Land Planes AILP60 AILP72 AILP84
Working Width 5′ (60″) 6′ (72″) 7′ (84″)
Unit Weight 595 lbs. 705 lbs. 765 lbs.
# of Scarifiers 5 6 7
Min. HP 25 27 32
Max HP 65 65 65
Blade Height Adjustment 0 – 1.5″ 0 – 1.5″ 0 – 1.5″
Blade Angle 10° 10° 10°
Cutting Blades .5″ Thick x 6″ Tall .5″ Thick x 6″ Tall .5″ Thick x 6″ Tall
Hitch Type 3-Point, CAT 1 3-Point, CAT 1 3-Point, CAT 1


The ABI Land Plane takes command of your dirt and gravel roadway maintenance. This attachment creates a smooth driving surface with no skill required. Built in five, six, and seven foot widths, the 3-point connection is category one ASAE quick-hitch compatible, and is designed for use with most any compact or utility tractor. The ABI Land Plane’s rugged design is built for extreme-duty work and superb durability. For extra-tough jobs, the included scarifiers mounted to a 4-inch tube-steel bar, helps provide the ultimate bite, and a welded frame ensures precise results and utmost longevity. Each scarifier can be raised or lowered and the pair of angled grading blades can be adjusted for grading depth, pitch, or blade wear. To ensure your Land Plane will keep working hard season after season, it features heavy-duty wear parts that are long-lasting and easy to replace. Its thick sidewalls are equipped with full-length replaceable skid shoes. Each scarifier features a replaceable hardened-steel tip and each tapered 1/2″ high-carbon heat-treated steel planing blade is easily reversed or replaced. To maintain a crown, select the grader that will only cover half of the width of your driveway, operate the grader up & down each side of the driveway and never drive down the center. Two lower arm mounting pins are included.