Lime Spreader

Salt Spreader

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We produce 2 model of salt/lime spreader trailer; with capacity 5 m³ or with 8 m³.

We can make the machine specialized to spread salt with only 1 rear disk of spreading or specialized to spread lime with 2 rear disks of spreading.


We can make our salt/lime spreader with different characteristic and accessory  witch we list below:


–          Spreading disks operated by hydraulic motor or by pto shaft from the tractor;

–          Rubber conveyor belt with speed controlled by a volumetric wheel which hydraulically rest on large wheel of the fertilizer spreader or speed controlled by hydraulic motor applied on the rear shaft of the machine;

–          Rear disk ( or disks ) in stainless steel with adjustable radial blades in stainless steel;

–          Painted hopper or in stainless steel;

–          Trailer with 1 or 2 axles;

–          Hydraulic or air brakes;