Tractor King Traders understands the importance of transportation services when purchasing equipment. Tractor King Traders assist buyers in identifying providers of transportation services. Transportation Service Providers we work with have significant heavy haul experience, are competitive in the market place, and importantly have been used by existing buyers on a regular basis.

We provide you with reliable transporters that will get your equipment to where it needs to be, over you full-service door-to-door logistics and shipping solutions. Our Logistics partners, takes care of every step of the journey with an all-inclusive service to get your equipment across borders, continents and oceans quickly and efficiently: Quotes, Shipping & transport, Customs fees, Import & export documentation, All payments.

Buyers may always choose to make transportation arrangements themselves. Tractor King Traders will not be held liable for any acts, omissions or negligence arising from third-party transportation arrangements providers or an outside transportation provider.

Transportation rates are subject to change and many factors affect transportation costs, including: machine type and configuration, distance and route travelled, as well as type of trailer and permits required to haul the load. The relationship/contract for transportation is ultimately between the buyer and the transportation provider. All questions about pickup dates, delivery dates, cost and payment